Get stress free with SAA online check-in

South African Airways has effectively become one of the primary airline providers in South Africa. The Airways also referred to as SAA is the national flag carrier for South Africa which is based at OR Tambo International Airport. The Airways boasts a fleet of 58 aircraft that operates from Tambo International Airport worldwide with 24 in Africa. The domestic market manages a total of 554 flights including the code-shared flights between Lanseria to Cape Town and Durban.

An SAA flight is also the member of Star Alliance and has anagreement with 29 other airlines. Mango is the low-cost carrier, both SAA and Mango holds the first and second place respectively. Not only the South African Airlines offer domestic flights, but are also competitive in the international market. They are a proud carrier in the market of South Africa and are continuously bringing families and friends together both internationally and locally flying from famous destinations like Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. SSA flies to nearly 38 destinations worldwide from its main airport or Tambo International using a fleet of 54 aircraft.

The Airways proudly boasts the title of most awarded African airline. SA Airlines has introduced a hassle free mobile and online check-in system. The SAA online check in is available to most of the customers, whether the bookings are made through the airline or via a travel agency.

Travellers who decide to take advantage of SAA online check-in system will see that there are many benefits included:

• Avoid the airport check-in lines

Many of the travellers have agreed that the most stressful part is the registration process. The lines remain very long and can be difficult for families and children. SAA Check-in online removes this problem by allowing the customers to go straight to luggage check in or the departure lounge.

• Avoid stress of traffic

The biggest problem for all the travellers is traffic. If the customers haven’t checked in two hours before, the airline has all the right to cancel their flight. With SAA online check-in, travellers can easily print their bookings twenty hours before the flight. You don’t need to wait until you reach the airport to confirm your position.

• Select your seats

If you are choosy about seats on the plane, using SAA Check-in can help you get the place you want before someone else picks it up.

So, for the travellers who can’t afford to get delay and the families who want to avoid stress stuck in a long queue, SAA online check in provides the perfect solution.

If you are flying in Economy class, then the baggage is not allowed to exceed 23 kg, and the Business class travellers are not allowed to exceed 32 kg. Children’s are allowed only for one piece of luggage. SAA Airways also provide in-flight entertainment to its travellers like audio visual, games, videos, movies, etc.


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