Everything you need to know about cheap flights to London

London is one of the most traveled cities in the world, so there are so many airports that have flights between South Africa and London. While the city is home to four major airports, flights from Johannesburg to London arrive at the Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Gatwick Airport. These airports have trains and buses lined up that the passengers need into the city.


Book your cheap flights to London very easily as you just need to search, book and confirm your flights. Do not let the ZAR exchange rate interrupt you, take advantage of flights to London for that due visit to family, friends or simply spoil yourself with a break in London as the weather of the city heads up and the days become longer with sunsets.
London is one of the most beautiful destinations around the world. There is a mix of ancient and new in this city. The Tower of London, Parliament House, Buckingham Palace and other prestigious palaces stand beside the modern things such as City Hall, Gherkin, and Shard London Bridge.

There’s never a particular time to visit London as the city has so many things to do. London organizes the sporting events that include Premier League Football Games, Wimbledon and to name a few, festivals, concerts, expos, etc. July and August are the warm months. While January is the coolest of them all with temperature in low single digits. Spring and autumn season seems to be very pleasant as the temperature usually gets higher than the rest of the UK. Rain is heavy during the month of November.

London’s famous double-decker red buses are slow but can be found anywhere. If you want to travel in public transport in the city of London, then it is better to get the Oyster or Travelcard as it will save the money. Black cabs can be found anywhere but are little expensive.

London is a hugecity, but many of the tourists take the advantage while walking along the River Thames. It is impossible to find the parking, so driving is not at all recommended. Rent a car if you want to explore the country.

There’s no best place in the world for summer than London when all the streets are filled with atmosphere as the energy level rises with changing season. Locals, tourists, children holidaying arriving on cheap flights to London are filling their holidays with exciting summer activities.

Most of the people book flights between June and September and Christmas and Easter are other peak times. September & October are the months to pick up cheap flights to London as it is the best time to visit with less crowd, abetter deal on hotels, and more light for photography.


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