Time To Explore Europe For A Soothing Summer Vacation

There is at least one trip you need to make to Europe, a continent full of kings and queens, castles, palaces and stunning landscape, so why not book a flight to Europe for an exciting long weekend.

Summer Vacation

Cheap flights to London

Your airfare to London may include a ticket to the London Eye, the world’s tallest observatory wheel, including other tourist spots like the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Buckingham Palace are three of the most famous attractions in London.

Visit the West End theatres and musicals; London is the theatre capital of the world.  A river ride on the Thames, have a glimpse of all the sights while appreciating the river breeze. Pass by Westminster, The London Eye and much more.

May and June are great months to visit. The best time to book a flight to London is at least 13 days; you can save up to $820. The cheapest time to buy a flight ticket to London is on a Wednesday, you can save up to $26. The best cheapest day to fly to London is on a Tuesday, you can save up to $33. Try returning on a Tuesday, you can save up to $49.

Cheap flights to Paris

It is the city of fashion, architecture, art, food and culture. Paris gave birth to Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet, and now brags a portion of the finest art galleries in the world. Discover Mona Lisa at the Musée du Louver.  It is a place where romance awaits around each corner and art and arousing quality meet up for a passionate rendezvous in a corner brasserie.

June to August is the best time to visit this city. Spring i.e. March to June is the “other” best time to visit.

The nearest airport is Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is a 35-minute train ride from the hub of the city. The airport serves a large number of airlines, including Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa. Well known worldwide flights to Paris from Johannesburg and Cape Town. Flight duration from Johannesburg to Paris is around 10 hours, 50 minutes.

Also keep in mind about the alternate airports option, try not to book on days when fares are higher, also don’t ignore the in-flight experience.

Cheap international flights will enable you to see and explore the amazing history and landscape of Europe’s best countries, simply enter your travel dates and you will have the option to compare cheap flights to Europe.


Travelling Abroad This Summer? Book Tickets At An Affordable Price

There are many advantages of visiting South Africa. Not only it is a fun place to go to, however when you go there, you will be furnished with the chance to experiment with things that you would have never thought of doing. It is a magnificent place to be with family and companions. If despite everything you need some convincing to go to South Africa, you should read ahead and find some of the reasons why visiting South Africa is the best get-away plan for you! And with cheap flights you don’t even have to worry about flying.

Travelling Abroads

Kulula flight bookings

Kulula Flights has been recognized as one of the world’s most safe carrier, and additionally the worlds top 10 most safe and affordable airline. As a Discovery Vitality member, you’ll get incredible savings between 15-35% relying upon your status when you book flights. There is a fixed R40 Vitality booking charge added to every international flight booked through kulula.com utilizing the Vitality advantage. This expense is charged on each ticket you book, and both grown-ups and kids are charged separately.

When you sign up as a member it takes 3 months for these savings to be activated. When making a booking, keep in mind to sign in first, once your booking has been confirmed, it won’t be possible for you to profit by the Discover vitality savings.

Flysafair bookings

FlySafair might be new to the flight aviation industry; however SafAir has nearly 50 years of history that can be counted on to guarantee solid service and to not overlap with so many other airlines.

Their initial commercial domestic flights started on 16th October 2014 on the following route:

  • Cape Town-George– Cape Town on 13th November 2014;
  • Johannesburg-George-Johannesburg and Johannesburg-Port Elizabeth-Johannesburg on 3rd December 2014.
  • Cape Town – Johannesburg– Cape Town;
  • Followed by Cape Town-Port Elizabeth– Cape Town on 30th October 2014;

South African Airways

Whether you are planning to fly locally or worldwide travel, make sure to book your flight tickets with South African Airways. The airline has potential; it offers the ultimate range of domestic destinations and highest regularity of scheduled flights.

Now that you have decided your holiday destination try to book your flight tickets at the cheapest price possible. Even though you call yourself an expert, booking flight tickets can be a nerve-wracking and budget busting experience nowadays.

Explore What You Have Missed Out In South Africa

South Africa is a lively nation that has numerous appealing towns and urban communities. When using the car rental services it would be silly not to see some of the world’s best national parks where it is possible to see the fierce wild animals, for example, lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants.

South Africa Car Rental

The car rental companies are presented at the airport. You can find the desks right in front of the Central Terminal Building. South Africa is quickly turning into a well-known vacation destination place for travelers throughout the world. Whether travelling for business or visiting the vast coastline or visiting to watch sport events, for example, cricket or rugby, avis car rental and Bidvest car rental can be reviewed as the ideal travel options.

One of the most beautiful vacation spot in South Africa is the Mandela House, a small single-story red block building. This house was Nelson Mandela’s home from 1946 to his release from jail in the 90s and is presently a museum saving his heritage. The oldest operating office in South Africa is The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town.

With avis car rental, Bidvest car rental and budget car rental in every major airport in South Africa and all major urban communities and focuses offering quality car rental not really the least expensive car rental rates in South Africa; however all round quality vehicles at reasonable car rental rates, with the assurance of 24 hour Roadside Assistance. It is very easy to explore this unique nation without any issue.

Once you hire any of this car rental options, the nation is yours to explore. Pull over at whatever time you need and eat where you want. But before leaving home for your trip, make sure that you have taken all the important travel documents.

For travelers who love to explore caves the Cango Caves near Oudtshoorn are well justified for a visit. A guided tour through the caves takes you through a series of tunnels that interface immense underground chambers. The monstrous Blyde River Canyon is one of the largest on Earth.

Always carry a cell phone while driving; you might need to call someone in case of an emergency. Follow the parking regulations. You are supposed to park your car facing the same direction as that of the traffic.

Avis car rental, budget car rental and Bidvest car rental gives you a reliable driving experience. So please set aside the time to read our simple driving tips for South Africa and have a wonderful travel experience!

World’s Best International Airlines Flying The African Sky

Even though you call yourself an expert, flight bookings can be a nerve-wracking and budget busting experience nowadays. It is always little tricky to find cheap deals on airfare and book flights online. To get flights according to your budget requires you to constantly search various sites to locate the cheapest possible flight. Here, are the best international airlines flying the African sky:

South Africa Flight-Bookings

Emirates South Africa

Emirates airlines direct more than 50 flights from the Mother City, Cape Town. International flights include Chicago, Geneva, Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Milan. Emirates South Africa also takes you to Mauritius, Lusaka, Harare, the Seychelles, and a few other Central African urban cities including Nairobi. North and West Africa are well-serviced, with flights to Lagos, Dakar, Accra, Tunis Casablanca, and Cairo.

It leads more than 90 flights from Johannesburg, to various places like Athens, Boston, Paris, Hong Kong and Moscow. The award-winning Emirates airlines frequent flyer programme Skywards is a basic, helpful approach to exploit flight hours added with the carrier.

Lufthansa Airways

You can get non-stop to Germany on a weekly basis. Lufthansa Airlines offers non-stop flights from South Africa’s hub: Direct Lufthansa Flights from Cape Town to Munich during the summer months in South Africa i.e. November through March. Direct Lufthansa Flights from Johannesburg to Frankfurt throughout the entire year and Johannesburg to Munich on their code share flight with SAA throughout the entire year.

South African Airways

Otherwise called SAA, is South Africa’s driving carrier, and largest domestic and international airline company. South African Airways is one of the top carriers in the world. The national flag carrier airline and most awarded air carrier in Africa.

It offers on-time SAA flight schedule and quick and effective check-in process. You can print your ticket 24 hours before flight take-off, and also select or change your seat. Online Check-in will stay open up to an hour and a half before domestic take-offs and up to 2 hours before international flights. Opt for SAA bookings, if you want to have a convenient flying experience.

Thomas Cook flights

Thomas Cook came to be known as Thomas Cook Group plc and is today one of the best travel group in the world, managing everything related from flights to hotels, travel insurance, car rentals and worlds best tour packages. A flight with Thomas Cook flights guarantees a definitive charming passageway into the holiday experience.

International airlines in South Africa have made the job for you easy to travel around the world. Enjoy a flying experience with such a forward-thinking initiative carriers. Always onto do something extra special for their customers.

Travel Around The World From South Africa With Budget Travel Options

The most unique feature of Europe is the proximity of all of its countries. For example, France is surrounded by Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


Cheap flights to Barcelona

Barcelona is famous as an exhibit for the work of its best architecture, Antoni Gaudi. His showstopper, the still incomplete Sagrada Familia, shapes the Barcelona horizon with its striking towers and perplexing exteriors. Go on a voyage through Parc Güell and take in the lively mosaics while meandering around this lovely garden.

Another beautiful country in Europe is Spain. This political, economic and cultural centre of Spain pulls in visitors consistently, and makes for a remarkable solo outing or an ideal vacation with your loved ones- Impressive scenic beauty, exquisite roads, ornate royal palaces, famous museums, fine dining and there is much more to fall in love with the country.

Prices found for cheap flights to Spain from South Africa: Johannesburg from R6,354 pp; Durban from R6,988 pp; Cape Town from R7,091 pp; East London from R9,258 pp; George from R9,553 pp; Port Elizabeth from R9,524 pp; Bloemfontein from R10,482 pp

Cheap Flights to Paris

Paris is a place where libertines fulfill their longings, artists discover motivation, significant others become mixed up in a cloudiness of enthusiasm, and insurgencies are conceived. It is a city of sparkling lights and feverish love. Visit the Mona Lisa at the Musée du Louver and be awed by artistic masterpiece at the Musée Picasso, Musée Marmottan Monet and Musée d’Orsay. If you want to enjoy the Parisian nightlife Marais is great, and if you are brave, Pigalle is the primary red region of Paris or you can Head to Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge for a glimpse of Paris’ naughty side.

The airlines that offer cheap flights to France are South African Airways, Etihad Airways, Kenya Airways, Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, Air Mauritius, Qatar Airways, SWISS, TAM Linhas Aereas, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines.

If you want to visit Europe there are normally many airlines to purchase your flight tickets from, though depending on the time of year you are travelling, you might sometimes end up paying a premium for your baggage with them.

Flanked by the energetic nightlife, staggering architectural designs and the delicious food on offer, you’re certain to discover something you’ll appreciate on your holiday. Let the cheap international flights to and fro from South Africa help you to fly to your dream destination.

Getting Excited About Travelling To Europe Right? Here Are Your Options

Haven’t settled on a place to praise summer yet? Despite the fact that Europe is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, there are as yet numerous activities to look out for that doesn’t require goggles. And with the availability of cheap flights options your dream vacation can come true.


Cheap Flights to Spain

Get the most out of your vacation to Spain and drench yourself in its way of life. Visit the Picasso Museum to see some of the best collections of the artist’s best works, or look at the Maritime Museum and experience life on a royal galley. Tour through ParcGüell and take in the lively mosaics while meandering around this lovely garden. Stop by Casa Mila, otherwise called La Pedrera to local people on account of its bizarre, uneven stone surface.

Cheap Flights to Italy

There is no better place to begin your touring than Rome. The streets of Rome are an enjoyment to explore. Head for the colosseum, the biggest amphitheatre of the Romans, where combatants displayed their fighting skills to a large number of cheering crowds.

The streets of Italy are continually overflowing with tourists consistently. No time is an awful time to visit Italy, yet relying upon the costs of hotels and restaurants, the best time to visit is April to June and September to October, months to visit for a financially unaware explorer.

Newlyweds looking for some peace and privacy can visit the interesting old town of Manarola. Settled in the Italian Riviera, this town involves five towns. The appeal of this town lies in the way that the flood of current advancement has not lashed on it yet.

The white sandy beach of Senigallia is a continuous line of 14 km and is lovingly called Velvet Beach. On weekends the beach and the city itself draws in local people. The Italian food is outstanding and even better is the Italian wines. Yet, Senigallia has some of its own conventional suppers that are just served there.

Cheap Flights to Switzerland

Visiting the mountains of Switzerland in person is something genuinely amazing. The Matterhorn is perceived around the world as the proud symbol of Switzerland which is at a height of 14,692 feet; it challenges mountain dwellers worldwide and invites less lively guests also, to make the most of its serene beauty.

Many Switzerland’s peaks are open to guests by cable car or pinion railroad. If you buy a Swiss Pass, you have the advantage from a rebate off the cost of most trips. Goethe and Byron expounded on the Staubbach Falls in the Bernese Oberland, only one of 72 stunning falls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Great Holiday Destinations for a Short Mini-Break

Talking about the public opinion of airfare costs, everybody is always on the lookout for the cheapest flight bookings. And keeping in mind that there are approaches to get less expensive airfare, the time of absolute bottom prices is essentially over.

South Africa has such a large number of intriguing niches and corners that are perfect for an ideal mini-break. Emirates Airlines to South Africa is the beginning of an invigorate adventure that will make you capture every moment like pictures in your mind.

Cape Town & Johannesburg

Cape Town and Johannesburg are international tourist spots, and South Africa often conducts some of the most international events, for example, the Rugby World Cup, Indian Cricket Premier League and Soccer World Cup and lots more. Even the adventurous travelers discover bounty to involve their opportunity with world-class golf, shark dives, scuba diving, hiking, biking and bungee jumping.


Table Mountain and Cape Point are a must see, similarly get a glimpse of the wildlife in Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park, where you can spot Cheetah’s, Leopard and the black-maned lion. Fly down to Cape Town around the world with the cheapest flight bookings option.

Another holiday pick is East London

East London is another renowned holiday destination and its Nahoon Beach has kilometers of un-crowded sand and offering fantastic surfing spots. Surfers additionally head for Jeffrey’s Bay, well known for its high tidal waves. Additionally up the drift is Port St John’s, at one time a well known hippy home base and still an exploring top pick. That is along the stretch named the Wild Coast for its untamed magnificence of rough cliffs, deserted beaches, sheltered bays and moving slopes and valleys.

Also, flight bookings to Durban available

Visit the Fugitives’ Drift Battlefields, situated around 265 kilometers from Durban is the battle ground of one of the famous battles in history. Another drive away from Durban is the Shakaland- Zulu Cultural Centre, situated 156 kilometers from Durban; the Shakaland Zulu Cultural Centre offers an unforgettable Zulu experience.

The pure spot for solo explorers, newlyweds, couples, families and groups who want a magnificent beach with a metropolitan experience without being a far away from Africa’s wilderness.

Anyplace within South Africa no less than two months ahead of time, the earlier you book the better deal you get. Flying around South Africa isn’t that costly. South Africa Airways frequently comes up with special deals for the passengers who give an edge over the other airlines operating in South Africa making it convenient for travelers. So, ace yourself to book the cheap SAA flights and enjoy the benefits of flysaa check in.