Travelling Abroad This Summer? Book Tickets At An Affordable Price

There are many advantages of visiting South Africa. Not only it is a fun place to go to, however when you go there, you will be furnished with the chance to experiment with things that you would have never thought of doing. It is a magnificent place to be with family and companions. If despite everything you need some convincing to go to South Africa, you should read ahead and find some of the reasons why visiting South Africa is the best get-away plan for you! And with cheap flights you don’t even have to worry about flying.

Travelling Abroads

Kulula flight bookings

Kulula Flights has been recognized as one of the world’s most safe carrier, and additionally the worlds top 10 most safe and affordable airline. As a Discovery Vitality member, you’ll get incredible savings between 15-35% relying upon your status when you book flights. There is a fixed R40 Vitality booking charge added to every international flight booked through utilizing the Vitality advantage. This expense is charged on each ticket you book, and both grown-ups and kids are charged separately.

When you sign up as a member it takes 3 months for these savings to be activated. When making a booking, keep in mind to sign in first, once your booking has been confirmed, it won’t be possible for you to profit by the Discover vitality savings.

Flysafair bookings

FlySafair might be new to the flight aviation industry; however SafAir has nearly 50 years of history that can be counted on to guarantee solid service and to not overlap with so many other airlines.

Their initial commercial domestic flights started on 16th October 2014 on the following route:

  • Cape Town-George– Cape Town on 13th November 2014;
  • Johannesburg-George-Johannesburg and Johannesburg-Port Elizabeth-Johannesburg on 3rd December 2014.
  • Cape Town – Johannesburg– Cape Town;
  • Followed by Cape Town-Port Elizabeth– Cape Town on 30th October 2014;

South African Airways

Whether you are planning to fly locally or worldwide travel, make sure to book your flight tickets with South African Airways. The airline has potential; it offers the ultimate range of domestic destinations and highest regularity of scheduled flights.

Now that you have decided your holiday destination try to book your flight tickets at the cheapest price possible. Even though you call yourself an expert, booking flight tickets can be a nerve-wracking and budget busting experience nowadays.


Excited About Travelling Right? The start of An Exhilarate Adventure

Whether domestic or international destination, cheap flights from South Africa and within South Africa are best known to serve the travelers according to their convenience. Everyone loves to travel to other countries either for business persistence or for a vacation; hence they are persistently looking forward to cheap flights online.


Major cities both at home and abroad have more than one good sized airport, yet via seeking just on a particular one, you won’t see better admissions to different gateways that are close-by and frequently offer lower airfares.

Cheap flights to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe remains a safe house for striking national parks, wildlife, scenic beauty, and the mighty Zambezi River. When in Zimbabwe, you surely can’t miss out Victoria Falls, listed in one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Victoria Falls an African national treasure as well as a UNESCO World Heritage listed site, referred to locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya or the ‘Smoke that Thunders’, they are among the greatest and most tremendous of waterfalls, and host the biggest recorded drape of falling water on the planet.

It has 20 air terminals; however flights to Zimbabwe are well on the way to take you into Harare International Airport, on the outskirts of the capital. The cheapest one-way flights to Harare, Zimbabwe is around R3 068 by Kulula airlines from Cape Town to Harare and the cheapest return flight to Harare, Zimbabwe is around R3 033 by South African Airways from Tambo to Harare.

Cheap Flights to Switzerland

If there is a long weekend coming up, you need to make your dream break a stride nearer to reality? A motivation to artists and painters, Switzerland’s waterfalls are among the most astounding and greatest in Europe. Goethe and Byron expounded on the Staubbach Falls in the Bernese Oberland, only one of 72 stunning falls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Despite the fact that Switzerland is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, there are as yet numerous activities to look out for that doesn’t require goggles. And with the availability of cheap flights to Switzerland your dream vacation can come true.

For flights abroad, check less expensive carriers like Qatar Airways, Etihad, Ethiopian and Turkish Airlines in the first place, and watch out for the oil or rand cost of oil, as these channels down to the ticket cost. Use a flight aggregator to see all value choices in a single place, at that point check with aircrafts specifically to see which one has the least expensive cost.

Here’s Your Chance To Attend Germany’s Oktoberfest!

Germany is about drinking beer, the great cuisine, the Berlin wall to cutting-edge art collections to fairy-tale castles. No matter why you book a flight to Germany, you will undoubtedly remember your experience.

Grab a beer and a brat and kick in one of Europe’s most assorted nation. Germany’s manors are as inviting as its beautiful towns. From agnostic celebrations to Oktoberfest, and bunches of leiderhosen in between, there’s an alternate purpose behind everybody to book a flight to Germany. Cheap flights to Germany fare, the cheapest one-way flight to Frankfurt, Germany is around R4,449 by Emirates from Johannesburg to Frankfurt.

Germany is honoured with some of Europe’s most magnificent sights. The splendid landscape- the rough Alps, abundant flower filled meadows, slanting hills of forests and ranches, and fascinating rivers- beautiful castles with mansions and churches of every design and era.

Unquestionably don’t miss Germany! Amidst the middle of the continent, it is one of the best hopping off points for travelling across the continent. Gateway to both Eastern and Western Europe and one of top trading countries in the world, Germany is cosmopolitan and lively. And with the availability of cheap flights to Frankfurt, this year make Germany your holiday destination to visit.

Finding the cheapest flights from South Africa couldn’t be easier without, who has hundreds of carriers and a number of destinations around the globe to search. Even better, if your dates from South Africa are flexible, then will demonstrate to you the best priced dates to fly from South Africa. If you are a member who has got a loyalty scheme, it is worth flying with that specific carrier to keep on building up your points, or even better recover any redeem points you already have. Every one of them is a reliable carrier, so at last it will come down to that which furnishes you with the cheapest price. It is prescribed to book your flight tickets no less than two months ahead of time, the earlier you book the better deal you get. is sans quick and simple to use and will let you compare the cheapest flights from South Africa with hundreds of destinations around the globe. Flights from South Africa can be booked directly by visiting the website.

Everything you need to know about cheap flights to London

London is one of the most traveled cities in the world, so there are so many airports that have flights between South Africa and London. While the city is home to four major airports, flights from Johannesburg to London arrive at the Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Gatwick Airport. These airports have trains and buses lined up that the passengers need into the city.


Book your cheap flights to London very easily as you just need to search, book and confirm your flights. Do not let the ZAR exchange rate interrupt you, take advantage of flights to London for that due visit to family, friends or simply spoil yourself with a break in London as the weather of the city heads up and the days become longer with sunsets.
London is one of the most beautiful destinations around the world. There is a mix of ancient and new in this city. The Tower of London, Parliament House, Buckingham Palace and other prestigious palaces stand beside the modern things such as City Hall, Gherkin, and Shard London Bridge.

There’s never a particular time to visit London as the city has so many things to do. London organizes the sporting events that include Premier League Football Games, Wimbledon and to name a few, festivals, concerts, expos, etc. July and August are the warm months. While January is the coolest of them all with temperature in low single digits. Spring and autumn season seems to be very pleasant as the temperature usually gets higher than the rest of the UK. Rain is heavy during the month of November.

London’s famous double-decker red buses are slow but can be found anywhere. If you want to travel in public transport in the city of London, then it is better to get the Oyster or Travelcard as it will save the money. Black cabs can be found anywhere but are little expensive.

London is a hugecity, but many of the tourists take the advantage while walking along the River Thames. It is impossible to find the parking, so driving is not at all recommended. Rent a car if you want to explore the country.

There’s no best place in the world for summer than London when all the streets are filled with atmosphere as the energy level rises with changing season. Locals, tourists, children holidaying arriving on cheap flights to London are filling their holidays with exciting summer activities.

Most of the people book flights between June and September and Christmas and Easter are other peak times. September & October are the months to pick up cheap flights to London as it is the best time to visit with less crowd, abetter deal on hotels, and more light for photography.